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Get The Working Capital Your Business Needs Without Taking On Costly Business Loans

* How much do you process in credit cards / debit cards from your customers each month?
* How much working capital are you looking for?


United Kapital provides an innovate lending method known as merchant cash advance for your small or medium sized business which acts as an efficient alternative to traditional business loans.

We have successfully helped many companies across the UK including businesses in Manchester, Birmingham and London to gain the finance they need to expand their business.

A merchant cash advance is not a business loan. It works by your business selling us a share of your future credit card and debit card sales for a cash advance. This cash might be anything from £3,500 to £150,000 per outlet. This makes it a perfect option for any business which processes credit and debit card transactions, from restaurants to shops, to hairdressers and hotels.

Paying the business cash advance back to United Kapital is the clever part, because we agree on a fixed percentage of each credit or debit card sale you make in the future so that whenever your customers settle a credit or debit card transaction, you pay off a percentage of your advance until the amount is cleared. This makes it efficient for businesses that are looking to grow or expand.

To help you see how much you have paid back, we offer online daily and monthly statements in order for you to keep track of the repayments. Once you have paid back 60% you can apply to top up your merchant cash advance.

This type of working capital lending is revolutionary because it helps existing businesses grow by way of paying the cash advance off steadily and sensibly. The cash you apply for is essentially your future sales which mean there is no risk to your assets as with traditional bank loans, because these are unsecured, unlike normal business loans. There is also no early settlement fee and no fixed monthly repayment.

Our small business loans alternative could improve your business dramatically. You might need the funds for marketing or advertising, to help increase your brand awareness and make your business stand out in the crowd. This requires a lot of capital up front which many businesses struggle to obtain without opting for the traditional business loan method. With the traditional business loans being harder to come by, many businesses struggle to raise funding for future expansion.

You might also use the merchant cash advance to bulk buy stock or extend your stock range. Many businesses choose to use the money to refurbish their business premises or to open a new store at a different location.

Applying for our merchant cash advance is quick and simple. Simply fill in the application form. With our high approval rate, if you qualify for the advance we can usually have the funds with you within ten days.

To qualify for the cash advance, your business must be processing more than £3,500 a month in credit or debit card sales. The amount of cash you can qualify for depends on how much you process per month in card sales.